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Case study
Angelina Jolie & Guerlain launch "Women for Bees"

May 2021
Paris, France

Guerlain, UNESCO and National Geographic collaborate to create one of the most impactful environmental campaigns of 2021. Garnering over 2.5 billion impressions, Jolie was covered in bees and shot by photographer (and beekeeper) Dan Winters to raise awareness for the depleting population of pollinators essential to our worlds' ecosystem. Angelina Jolie, named the Godmother of the "Women for Bees" program, alongside Guerlain and UNESCO will help train 50 female beekeepers around the world to restock 125 Million bees, building 2,500 hives in 25 biosphere reserves worldwide.


These women will be able to establish their own beekeeping operations creating economic and educational opportunities in their communities across the globe, while increasing the span of these essential pollinators responsible for 70% of the livelihood of the world’s flora and fauna. Read more in National Geographic, as well as Forbes, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

For over 15 years, Guerlain has put conservation at the heart of their work comitting to preserving biodiversity, innovating sustainably, acting for the climate and creating a positive social impact. Above all, Guerlain seek's to protect one of Nature’s most precious wonders: bees, and place their preservation at the heart of their Purpose. Guerlain have dedicated several meaningful partnerships and initiatives to protect them, including "Women for Bees".


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